SALTO campus access control delivers security for new Dublin school

Rosemont Secondary School for Girls in Dublin has put security top of the class with the installation of a new electronic access control solution from SALTO Systems.


Located in South County Dublin, the school has just moved to a brand new campus located on the Enniskerry Road, Sandyford, on a green field site of just over 10 acres and will cater for 350 students. This is an exciting development in the history of the school which is now open for enrolment ready for the new school term in September and beyond.

The move to the new site delivers on a commitment made by the school trustees to deliver a purpose-built school to facilitate the high quality teaching and learning that is carried out at Rosemont. In addition to specialist classrooms for Science, Art, Music, Home Economics and Languages, there is also a dedicated library, sports hall and outdoor sports facilities including an Astroturf hockey pitch and tennis courts.

School security is probably one of the most sensitive issues facing today’s head teachers and trustees. Problems can happen very quickly due to a wide range of incidents including strangers coming into the school, violent actions by children, parents or staff, burglary, theft and arson to name but a few.

With this in mind pupils need to know they have a safe place in which to be educated and staff a safe place in which to work. Delivering on that is a given but it is not always easy to achieve.

Additional problems arise from the fact that while everyone wants their school to be safe, no-one wants it to end up looking look like a prison with high walls and fences, and lots of barriers, locks and bars. While all of this may make a building secure, it is not user friendly. The aim then is achieve a sensible balance, implementing sufficient levels of security to cope with perceived threats while providing a pleasant environment in which to learn and work.

To complement their newly constructed school, Rosemont wanted to control access into and within the school and to achieve this they wanted to create an almost totally keyless building using the latest technology that was smart to own, operate and manage. The system they selected to deliver this was SALTO’s XS4 proximity based solution.

Kieran Gorey, Managing Director of Doorware Ltd, SALTO’s exclusive country distributor for Ireland, says “Working in consultation with the school and its architects as well as with installation company Gallant Security Ltd, we designed a secure and highly flexible access control system to meet all of their perimeter and internal access security needs.

Key elements to us recommending SALTO for this project were the flexibility of the system, its automatic locking ability, its use of Mifare technology and its stylish modern design. Subsequently over 72 doors at the school are now controlled by the XS4 solution, including 8 x online SVN (SALTO Virtual Network) doors at main entrance points, 63 x E9450 off-line handle sets to each classroom and 1 x RF panic bar on the emergency fire escape exit door.”

The XS4 solution is a state-of-the-art electronic lock system that programmes keys to allow access to specific class rooms or other areas for selected time periods only with the doors auto locking at pre-specified times. And if key security is breached due to the loss or theft of a key, it can be instantly deleted from the system without the need or cost of changing any locks – saving the school time and money.

Janet Dean, Deputy Principal of Rosemont Secondary School for Girls, says “We recognized that we needed to put measures in place to improve security for the benefit of all our pupils and staff at the new school.

Our new SALTO campus access control system gives us this and having security that is reliable and dependable is obviously key for us, so the flexibility of our new SALTO access control system means we can get the maximum benefit from the technology whilst providing a secure environment for all our pupils and staff.”

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